b:core methods

b:core methods is a multi-concept niche fitness studio, designed to support the demand for complimentary fitness modalities.  We are taking niche fitness to the next level with several of the most innovative and effective concepts in the marketplace, creating a single solution for all lifestyle athletes.


We offer the best barre programming in the industry, enhanced only by the expertise of our teachers.  Our programming is supplemented by our cardio barre, and core CARDIO programming to ensure that you’re getting the most well rounded strength and endurance training to complement the deep muscle shaking traditionally associated with barre and core.


This spring we are opening our ‘core’ studio which will introduce the Lagree method and patented megaformers to Charlottesville, once again changing the fitness scene and challenging an even deeper intensity, focus, and strength as it relates to our sweat IX lifestyle.  Stay tuned for more news, updates, and opportunities as we get ready to open the doors.

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